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nilai, negeri sembilan, malaysia.

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Specializes in the manufacturing, sales and services of Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers, Prefabricated Substations Units and Earthing Transformers. Request Quote


EWT will continue to strive towards better growth by improving its products, further installing state of art technology in out field, while continue to develop new... More »


The practice of using Distribution Transformers or Service Transformers in a power distribution system has been around since the early 1880’s, where the distribution of... More »


Our dedicated and competent team shall ensure that our customer's needs and expectations will be diligently met in every aspect to make our product recognised by the market... More »

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3d乐彩定位论坛independently certified with iso 9001. awarded ohsas 18001 and iso14001 by sirim...

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products tested in accordance to the iec/bs standards and local utility requirements...

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the largest australian-owned and based manufacturer of power and distribution transformers...


Value talent cultivation and encourage
3d乐彩定位论坛creative innovation


Pursue organizational solidity and press
3d乐彩定位论坛 on effective team-work


Ensure first and best of product quality
and service

About EWT

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ewt transformer sdn bhd (formerly known as epe wilson transformer sdn bhd) specializes in the manufacturing, sales and services of oil immersed distribution transformers, prefabricated substations units and earthing transformers.

ewt has now become one of the preferred suppliers of distribution transformers, compact substations and earthing transformers. with its proven track records, reliability of its products and strong after sales services, ewt business has grown substantially for more than 21 years. since its inception, ewt has secured a significant number of contracts from the utilities especially from tenaga nasional berhad (tnb) and other private sector customers.

General Questions

How Factory continues to grow and expand, increasing?

dynamic manufacturer delivering excellent products and services through effective and efficient resources management, technological innovation and strategic alliances.

Completely facilitate revolution in Transformer processing

3d乐彩定位论坛we committed to consistently fulfill the highest expectation of our stakeholders through the manufacturing of high quality products without adverse effects to environment and health & safety of our employees,contractors and visitors.

Competently streamline progressive scenarios

3d乐彩定位论坛continuously improve the effectiveness of the systems and preventive actions programs on quality, safety & health and environment. upkeep and maintain relevant policies and procedures to ensure the effectiveness and suitability.

Factory Six-Sigma Methodology

identify and remove the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes. it uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods and has created a special infrastructure of people within ewt organization (champion, black belts etc) who are trained in these methods.

Latest News


3d乐彩定位论坛ewt had signed a technology agreement with china electric equipment group (jiangsu) pvt ltd (ceeg)...


3d乐彩定位论坛ewt has embarked itself into the supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) ready compact substation unit (csu) supply...

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